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I grew up in the laid back surroundings of the mountain Pelion in Greece and its closest town, Volos! My parents’ big farm with plants, fruits, trees, animals, water springs, creeks sheltered my childhood dreams and my summer vacations.

Soon, creative inspiration flowed, and after majoring in psychology at Concordia U. in Montreal, I flew off to Paris to get acquainted with Psychoanalysis, Psychologie Genetique, Psychopathologie, Cognitive Development, Piaget, Wallon, Vygotsky, Freud, Jung,Tran Thong, Gilles Deleuse, Felix Guattari.

Also with the great French writers like Hugo, Baudlaire, Proust, French art, museums, galleries, music, refinement, subtle food! The energy and. pace was addictive, the art scene quite inspiring, and the weather was not! (better than Canada though)

I studied Psychology and Education at U. Paris VIII (Masters, PhD). I followed Andree Tabouret Keller’s seminar ‘Anthropologie du Langage’ in ‘L’Ecole des Hautes Etudes’. Living for fifteen years in Paris was a life-changing experience.

After seven years of working in Paris i was invited in Greece to teach psychology at the University of Thessaly in 1990. Later I was on the faculty at the Center of European Studies, where I was mentoring students seeking masters' degrees. Lived in Athens the last 18 years, working as a University lecturer, having my own practice as a psychotherapist, working as a yoga and meditation teacher, conducting research, writing books, organising yoga, meditation and self growth retreats and seminars.

I travelled a lot also during this time in the East and was trained on different spiritual practices inThailand, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Burma.

Over the years I have conducted researches across Europe on intercultural communication, intercultural relationships, bilingual and bicultural parental upbringing etc.

Traveling around the world, experiencing different cultures, attending a lot of seminars, workshops, classes to learn facilitation work for diversity issues has been an important part of my life path. I conducted an intercultural longitudinal research in Athens and Paris on intercultural marriages for my PhD Thesis.

Being fascinated by cross-cultural experiences since I was young helped me to approach this subject with enthusiasm! What does a person experience internally and externally when encountering a different culture? What unique characteristics each culture has? How one's native language, culture and land influences his/her psyche? What is the right approach to facilitate harmonious living and sharing of companions from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds? The results of this study are published in 2013 in my book 'Post Babel' available on Amazon. I’ve written some other books also in greek and in french : 'Le probleme Piagetien d'inclusion des classes et la pedagogie Montessori, Ed. Grin. It was published in 2011, 'Ode to Alterity' was published on July 2012 in greek. I’m also author of a forthcoming book on healing and spiritual awakening, to be published in english in 2017.

Since I had many opportunities throughout my life to travel and dialogue with people in various places across the globe many people on therapy with me, living in intercultural situations, have commented that they feel understood because of my personal experiences.

Along with other professionals, I’m a member of the FHAP 'French/Hellenic Association of Psychology and Psychoanalysis in Paris. The association is comprised of recognized members of the scientific/academic, spiritual community both from Greece and France. A lot of seminars, conferences, events were organized by the FHAP. Gathering the foremost clinical, educational, inspirational, scientific, spiritual voices from the two countries is destined to conduct research and create publications that benefit world's growth and awakening. FHAP is editing a scientific review, entitled the 'SHINX'.

As vice president of the Parents' Association, consulting the Board of Directors, of the prestigious bicultural French/Hellenic college "Delacroix' in Athens, I initiated a research undertaken in the college. It was a longitudinal research on intercultural education, bicultural parental upbringing, bilingualism that helped the students as well as the parents and teachers with pedagogical material, observations, questionnaires, references, private and group discussions. As an active member of spiritual, charitable, artistic and scientific associations, Institutes, communities worldwide I share with other people, serving for the Common Good.

While I was volunteering as a child psychologist at the Kindergarten School in the spiritual community Auroville, in Tamil Nandu, India, an epiphany occurred and Auroyoga was born. Different settings, heterogeneous languages, diverse countries, various therapeutic approaches, many teachers have contributed to the creation of Auroyoga. An integration of my inner guidance, professional training in psychology, philosophy and education, personal experience and research in contemplative approaches to self growth and healing. Auroyoga is a contemplative healing approach suitable for people who aspire to work on themselves on different levels: personal growth, spiritual awakening, expression of their creativity, conscious living, healthy diet of the physical body. This work enhances a sense of well-being and joy and helps bringing awareness to individuals’ lives in our current challenging times.

My research interests gravitated also along various subjects and approaches, namely in Piagetian Developmental theory, in Jungian Psychoanalytic approach, in contemplative approaches to spiritual development and healing as Oponopono, Sound Healing Meditation, Silent Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy and practice, Rebirth, Breath work etc.

I have a long time interest in the unfolding dialogue between Western developmental, psychoanalytic and holistic approaches and Eastern mindfulness-based, meditative methods of inquiry and practice. Being trained extensively in both scientific and spiritual practices I feel blessed and grateful for so many great Teachers and Teachings that came along my path.

The journey I have taken as a psychotherapist, a university lecturer, a researcher, a yoga and meditation teacher, a writer, was and continues to be a long, winding and sometimes a challenging one. I’ve been enthusiastically dedicating myself to ongoing research in the areas of psychology, philosophy, education, anthropology, linguistics, inner growth, intercultural communication,healthy vegetarian, raw vegan nutrition, to my inner work, and to exploring better ways to make the synthesis and integrate the above in my work. Honoring diversity in all its forms i enjoy working with people from different linguistic and cultural origins.

I feel privileged to accompany the unfolding, of a person’s soul and assist to its evolving. Sending love and light and wishing you well on the journey

With Metta

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