Immersive Healing and Holistic Approach

In the last fifteen years, Dr. Maria Karastergiou practiced in different styles of yoga, kundalini, hatha, astanga, partner yoga, sivananda yoga, did a teacher training in astanga yoga and has created her own therapeutic approach, "Auroyoga".


Auroyoga classes include pranayama, meditation, relaxation and at the end a discussion on self growth questions.



Practiced with more willpower, concentration, presence, joy, the body becomes stronger, more beautiful, more flexible, more aligned. It acquires grace.



The mind is strengthened and becomes more disciplined and relaxed. Consciousness is deepening.


Psychotherapist, University Lecturer, Writer, Yoga and Meditation teacher

Thank you for visiting this site. I invite you to explore it and learn more about my approach, my professional, educational, and academic background, my practice, and the way I work with people on therapy with me as well as with those seeking spiritual guidance. My therapy work is destined to individuals, couples, groups, families. You can call me or email me to arrange a free of charge interview to explore the possibility of working with me.

I have been deeply immersed in the study and practice of psychological and contemplative approaches to personal healing and awareness, to interpersonal growth, and to spiritual transformation and evolvement the last 38 years. Studied and learned Alongside of some intuitive and wise people, cultivated, enlightened psychologists, psychotherapists, spiritual teachers, artists, healers.

Being inspired by the insights of some spiritual psychoanalysts, like Jung, or enlightened psychologists, psychotherapists, spiritual teachers, philosophers, artists, healers around the world, I offer a supportive and contemplative approach to psychotherapy. My objective is to help individuals connect to that source of meaning and wholeness that resides within each one of us. Sharing this journey in whatever way is most beneficial and resonant for you is in accordance with the purpose of my life. In addition to this website I am editor of a blog entitled “Yogaessence” where I share insights, articles, posts, videos, over the last few years.

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